Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Charge Per Hour Or Per Project?

Typically we work on a per project basis. However, some projects require all or a portion of the project to be on a ‘Time & Material’ basis as it may be too difficult to estimate or the need to start immediately.

2. What Insurance Do I Have That You Will Complete The Project Agreed Upon?

For all projects, we provide a legal contract with copies kept by both parties. We also work on a deposit and progress payment basis with final payment being collected when work is completed.

3. How Soon Can You Start A Project?

This depends on the projects that we already have booked and the size and scope of the project desired. It is best to contact us to find out.

4. How Long Will It Take You To Complete A Project?

This all depends on the size and scale of the project.

5. How Soon Can I Expect You To Get Back To Me When I Ask For An Estimate?

We try to return estimates within 5 business days. Sometimes it does take a bit longer due to our work load at the time or the complexity of the estimate required.

6. Is The Estimate Free Or Charged?

The initial estimates are free for standard or simpler projects. For more complex or involved projects we do apply a fee, that upon acceptance, gets rolled into the cost of the project as a credit for work completed.

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