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Superior Service Should Always Be Recognized . . .

and acknowledged, which is why we would like to take the time to say what an incredible job Fresh Carpentry and Contracting did in our house with our kitchen, our bathroom and our baby proofing.

Prior to bringing in Fresh Carpentry

we like many other people found ourselves looking on Kijiji for the “bargain deal”, we put our trust in people that provided a great price and spoke very highly of themselves, never even stopping to question things like references or warranties; and very quickly we found ourselves frustrated, angry and extremely disappointed.

We had three previous contractors working on our kitchen and the results were disastrous. Our backsplash came out looking like it had been installed by our 12 year old, which ended up costing us twice as much as we had to tear out  all the drywall and all the backsplash that we had just installed and start from scratch again as well as the time; we went in knowing that renovations usually take longer than expected but when you’re looking at three times as long going without a kitchen when you have several small children, you just end up feeling frustrated and defeated.

The icing on the cake was the gentleman that had installed our brand new double oven; for two weeks we kept smelling this odd plastic burning smell and in our ignorance we kept thinking maybe it’s just normal for a new oven or we forgot to remove a piece the plastic sticker that protects the glass somewhere, until one day were making lunch for our kids and we notice smoke billowing from the drawer underneath the oven.

After taking a closer look we notice that there was a fire coming from the wiring; one fire extinguisher, 17 hours of cleaning the after utilizing the fire extinguisher later and $700 cost for having to call in an emergency electrician from a reputable company later . . . we found that the guy off Kijiji who had installed our oven had been too cheap to use electrical tape and had rather used hockey tape which had caused an electrical fire, placing my entire family at risk because we thought we were getting a “great deal”.

By this time I was so frustrated I just wished I had never even started renovations.

After reviewing some of their work and talking to John, the owner, we were assured that his work came with a warranty and that if we were not %100 satisfied he would continue to work with us until we were. He also provided us with several pictures of his previous work and references as well.

John and his team were brilliant to work with, they were professional, punctual and their quality of work was nothing short of exceptional. Their carpentry skills are fully developed and significantly enhanced by the wide breath of experience that their entire team brings to the table.

Fresh Carpentry delivered and exceeded every representation both verbal and contractual that they made to us. It is with immense pleasure that we highly recommend Fresh Carpentry to anyone looking to have any work done to their house.

Sincerely Sarah & Stu Decker

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